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This is not a single story, but many short ones from my latest favourite writer: Peter F. Hamilton. book coverA Second Chance at Eden is set in the Night's Dawn universe, but before that story unfolded. We have Marcus Calvert, father of Joshua, the hero of Night's Dawn; we have the birth of Eden, affinity bondage stories, zero-tau, psychic abilities, even a party assassin turned good (that would provide the template for a character in Pandora's Star).

I think that the collection is best read after you've read the lengthy stories. It rings so many bells that would normally not mean anything than sci fi speculation otherwise.

Bottom line: Great writing from Hamilton. It's nice that you can read one story and take a break and do something else :). I guess if you are not that sure you want to read the sagas, starting with this will open your appetite and you will find the same connections I did, only backwards.


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