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Siderite's blog I didn't know about this, however, through a weird series of events, I have read about this in a book, then heard about it from a friend, then wiki'ed it and got really disgusted, then found it in the news, as the UK government finally issued an apology to one of the great men of computing.

Here is the government apology link and (apparently, the apology was too much for the Brits to leave on their web site for too long. Instead, you have to read the text from the historical archives of the government site hereanother link from a blog I am reading which says just about what I was going to say.

I have to say that governments scare the shit out of me. The things they can do are so horrendous that most people refuse to think about it. And as the sleep of reason produces monsters, they usually become monstrous. After all, what are they than a big clump of responsability that every citizen sheds in order to feel good about doing nothing?

So, sorry, Alan Turing, for being part of the species that did this to you! I truly feel ashamed.

Update 24 December 2013: The UK government issued a pardon for Alan Turing. Posthumous, a gesture that would be rather pointless if it weren't for the chronic inability of authority to admit to their mistakes (not to mention actually pay for them).


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