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I don't often have time to work on my blog so I took the opportunity of this personal time out to tweak the blog a little bit. Here are the new changes:
  • I've added a new way of exploring the links in the posts, meaning that you click on them and a dialog appears and opens the link. It has the advantage that you get to stay on the page, without opening a million tabs. It has the disadvantage of looking a little off and using extra javascript. It only applies to left button clicks, so if you want to open the link in another tab or window, middle click or right click and select your option. This introduced jQuery UI to the blog, so you might have a little more javascript and CSS payload, but taken from the Google CDNs.
  • The flies and cats have amused countless visitors, but I've decided to remove them. It streamlines the blog and makes it more accessible. You can still get them if you click on the Tools link "Bring back the animals!"
  • Finally, I've removed the blog chat. It didn't work for quite some time and the Plugoo people just didn't offer any support.
  • Some extra visual effects on the blog were removed as well.

Again, any suggestion on how you would like to improve the quality of your visits on my blog is very welcome and I am happy to implement all the reasonable requests.



thanks for the helpful tip about juicing lemons. Have a good week.


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