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Every time I was watching StarTrek, I longed for that replicator machine. Such a machine would make a lot of trips to the annoying and crowded supermarkets unnecessary. Other people must have thought the same way; meet the Freeform Fabricator [echo] or "fabber".

Well, it isn't exactly a matter replicator, but it is a form replicator. While the technology isn't exactly new, this is a desktop version, a 3D printer of some sort that anyone can use. Combine it with a 3D scanner and with the sharing power of today's Internet, and you have (at least) downloadable art, children's toys, kitchenware, presents for women, simple tools, anything. One could even use it to duplicate keys, no matter how complex :)

I am waiting for this concept to grow and become more accessible, but I think it will quickly become a trend, like microwave or teflon.



The beginning of the object xerox, 3d consistent printer :) soon we'll replicate organisms too I feel concern "only" for the faster than light propagation of stupidity. Power to the stupid...


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