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VB has a feature that it missing in C#, that is indexed properties. There are various methods to emulate this behaviour in C# and here is a small article about it:
Three C# Tips: Indexed properties, property delegates, and read-only subproperties.

However, a problem arises. What happens if you have a library written in VB and having indexed properties and you try to use it in a C# project? Well, it works, and the generated code is something like:
 public override bool get_PropertyName(string index)
public override bool set_PropertyName(string index)

Somehow, this compiles :) Anyway, the problem now is that you can't use the VB code that used to use the VB library if you convert it to C# like this. I haven't found any way to do this:
VBLib(with indexed properties)+VBApplication(inheriting or overriding indexed properties) -> C#Lib(translated)+VBApplication(unchanged).


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