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As part of the blog revamp I've modified the styling and code for the board that displays chess PGNs and added file letters and rank numbers as well as highlighting of the last move. I've also sped up the move animation a little. Hopefully it will be more helpful this way.

Also, I noticed that the link overlay I added for external links was behind the YouTube videos. Thankfully there was a relative simple fix, albeit one that had to be made on each post. On this occasion I've created the new 'video' tag that complements the old 'picture' tag which applies to anything visual, be it video or just images, I've refreshed the videos that were removed, updated all the links to the new YouTube iframe embedding mode.

The tag system is something that evolved organically on this blog, starting with 'programming' and 'misc' (which actually is anything not related to programming) and ending with such ridiculous stuff like the 'picture' tag or the 'essay' and 'personal' tags, for which even I get confused about what they are. Perhaps some day I will reorganize it, but until then (and until Blogger finds a way to remove the restriction that only up to 50 posts can be affected by tag changes) try to remember the main tags on the blog:
  • programming - refers to anything related to software development
  • misc - unrelated to software development
  • software - posts about specific software
  • music, movies, books - relating to music, movies and books
  • picture - containing embedded images or video
  • video - containing embedded video
  • administrative - related to this blog


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