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I started writing a long argumentative post about design patterns. But what is the use? They are abstract concepts that get cemented in the development industry by some influential people or some widespread adoption. Then you get to learn them in order to answer stupid job interview questions. In real life you either don't use them or they are abstracted in the programming language or framework you are using.

You dream of getting to work on your own framework so that the entire company would see how awesome you are, but you will only get to write stupid code for web shops and CRMs. And your life gets to its apogee when the architect who does the company framework or some company middle manager/owner tells you how important they are to know for your work. And you blame yourself for being so stupid and vow to spend your entire free time learning, and you read and you go to the water cooler and say "Hey, Bob, did you know the Adapter pattern is so cool?" and Bob looks at you like you are from another planet and goes to fix the latest "Font is too large in the toolbar menu" bug.

Bottom line: it's a chicken and egg thing. They need you to know as much formal programming stuff as possible so you can improve their crappy work and learning environment, while you need to work in a good work and learning environment so you can get better. The result is always an average soup of meh!


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