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The main characters
As an avid viewer of TV series and movies alike, I am always discussing the latest shows with my friends and I have been surprised to notice that not many knew about Entourage. I consider it a shame, as this series is exactly what a TV show needs to be and so few actually manage to do what it does.

Entourage is the story of a young talented actor who rises from anonymity with the help of three childhood friends. They are practically brothers and, even if he is the only one of them who "made it", they still live together and share everything, while navigating the weird world of Hollywood. The format of the show is short half an hour episodes that never leave you hanging when they end and that, for me at least, always provide a good feeling. I am not talking about silly ha-ha comedy here, I am talking about a lightweight dramedy that makes you smile. At the end of an episode you don't want more, you feel content, and you only begin to crave more when that contentment wears off. This is what today's media shows have forgotten how to do!

I was a bit sad to see the eighth and last season of the show end with its eighth episode a few days ago. I really wanted more of this and now that Entourage is no more, I know it would be hard to find a show that would bring the same peace of mind after each episode. And you haven't heard or tried Entourage, you should. Good show!


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