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HBO has done it again. I am not a great fan of the HBO channel. The movies I see on usually suck ass, the series are cut short, it's a consumer thing. But the HBO produced movies and series are something else. Very often I am amazed of the orginality of a series idea and the quality of the show and then I see it's HBO productions.

Entourage is one of these gems. A show loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's personal experience as a rising actor, it features four childhood friends, one of them quickly becoming a major Hollywood star. Mark Wahlberg is another guy I like without him being a mainstream accepted actor and also an executive producer for Entourage.

Anyway, through all the good and the bad, these four guys stick together. This alone is something to watch the series for, but the acting is very good, too. The whole show shines, yet to tell you the truth, I think that the real stars are Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven, who are actually secondary characters.

Again it is proven that great stories are the ones based on reality and you can see that the show has soul, it's not just a winning recipe applied again and again. And even better, I am at the end of the second season and it has not become any worse, so it is not just a one season wonder that quickly collapses after, but something solid. Also an interesting thing is how they have a guest star or two in every episode, playing often themselves, sometimes completely different people.

So watch it!


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