Ever wanted to write a quick and dirty Javascript function that would get content from the web and do something with it, but you couldn't because of the pesky cross origin security limitations? Good Samaritans have created CORS proxies to help with that!

One of them is crossorigin.me, a completely free (and open source) proxy which can be used very easily. Instead of doing an AJAX request to http://someDomainYouDontOwn/somePage, you do it to https://crossorigin.me/http://someDomainYouDontOwn/somePage. And it works for any GET requests, as long as the Origin header is sent (browsers set it automatically for Ajax calls, but not for regular browser requests, so that why https://crossorigin.me/https://google.com will show Origin: header is required if you open it with a browser).

But there are other options, too. CORS Anywhere, CORS proxy and even using YQL are all valid, and that after just five minutes of googling around.

Of course, one might not want to depend on flimsy external free services for a production app, but it sounds perfect for the quick and dirty bastards like me.


Zibri (http://www.zibri.org)

the only problem is that the requests are all from US.. it would be nice if they could be done from other countries

Zibri (http://www.zibri.org)

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