Global.asax and Session_OnEnd

You may have already used it, but I just found out about it. There is a
global.asax file in each web project, it contains a lot of events that one
can use, like Application and Session start and end events.

Now, I tried to make Session_OnEnd to work well for the last hour, the trick
is follow these rules:
1. The session must be in InProc mode
2. In the Session_OnEnd (and Application_OnEnd) you cannot use Server,
Response or Request objects. So Map.Server will fail, for example. Also,
throwing exceptions will not cause any display on the actual page or new
pages, they just go unnoticed. This also means HttpContext.Current doesn'

That is it. The Session_OnEnd event will fire on:
1. Session.Abandon
2. session timeout


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