The Infragistics web controls have a way of saving design time settings into XML files and then loading them. You can do this either by loading the presets in the designer or dynamically from code, using the LoadPreset method. It accepts Stream, TextReader and string parameters and it is pretty easy to use.

The problem is that it doesn't work in inherited controls! The explanation is that a piece of its code is searching for the root element of the XML file by getting the assembly defined TagPrefix and then adding to it colon and the name of the object.

In other words, I had a control that inherited from UltraWebGrid, and in the ASPX it looked like omega:OmegaGrid, when styling it with the designer and then saving the preset, it created an XML that has its root element . Since my assembly had no assembly TagPrefix defined, it was looking for ":OmegaGrid" and failing.

The solution was to add the TagPrefix assembly attribute: [assembly: TagPrefix("Super.Desktop.GUIControls.Web", "omega")] in the AssemblyInfo.cs file.


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