Apparently, the innerText property of Javascript elements is not available for FireFox or other browsers other than Internet Explorer. FireFox exposes something similar, but with the name textContent. Why would any one of these two butt-heads learn from the other and cooperate for the common good?

The functionality of this property is to expose the inner content of an element minus any html tags. With something like <div><span class="red">Red text<span></div> the div innerText/textContent property returns "Red text". It could also work when setting, stripping tags from the content before setting innerHTML, although it seems that for both implementations setting innerText or textContent is equivalent with setting innerHTML.

There are also links about javascript functions that would replace, improve or otherwise ease the developer's work by adding the same functionality.


Tomás Girardi

Thanks! I was dealing with a problem related with this issue for 30 minutes! I thought of several causes before thinking that it could be related with innerText.

Tomás Girardi

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