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book cover Knights of the Borrowed Dark is a typical fantasy story filled with tropes like: "the one", "son of..." (or "noble family" or "everybody is related to everybody"), "secret war (for no good reason)", "light versus dark", "evil must be fought with swords", "no one tells you anything, even if it makes no sense", "dark king" and so on. The main character is a Mary Sue, an orphan who doesn't know his parents and has lived his entire life in an orphanage, but somehow is a balanced, well read individual who favors rationality to emotion, yet has no problem using both. Add the trope of trilogy to this and you have a complete picture.

Now, does that mean I was not entertained? Nope. It was all fun and games and I've finished the book in a day, yet I can't but be disappointed in both the formulaic nature of the story and the fact that I liked it anyway. The bottom line is that Dave Rudden writes decently and has enough skill and humor to make the same story you've read or seen a dozen times already feel pleasant. So read it, if you like that kind of thing, but don't expect anything above ordinary.


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