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Book cover  A while ago I had this story idea about a certain population that has something special that all others want and that they desperately need to consume. It's the exact premise of The Marrow Thieves, and the population in question is native Americans.

  Now, Cherie Dimaline is Métis herself, so I must trust that she knows what she is talking about, but from my standpoint, all the clichés I thought were stupid about American Indians are right there. It's like people have heard them so many times they started believing them. I am talking about calling themselves Indians, I am talking about the wise old man and wise old woman that guide (through restrictions of both knowledge and permission) young energetic youths, also the non violent Indian that knows responding to violence with violence makes him like the White man, the bow and arrow Indians - although they live in Canada, so who knows, the native people that are in harmony with nature, the betraying Indian - but only because of substance abuse, something the West has brought on them, and so on.

  In short, the book says "please take whatever you want from us, because we are nice, non violent and in harmony with everything. Even if we will eventually fight back, it will be only after we've been thoroughly defeated, humiliated and destroyed as a people". It's hard to empathise with such a moral for the story. I understand it was all mostly metaphor, but still.

  Bottom line: it was OK, but wouldn't recommend it.


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