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After a very long wait, one destined to only increase expectations on this movie, the second adolescent Naruto movie, Bonds, reached me. Well, as with any high expectations they were destined to breed disappointment, but I think beyond that, this movie was bad in an objective way.

I mean, yeah, Sasuke and Naruto meet once again in the face of the most pathetic enemy yet. They didn't even try with this one. After a sneak Pearl Harbour attack from some weird ninjas, a four people team kicks their asses completely. Meanwhile, Naruto is fighting with Reibi, the 0-tails (I know Japanese are masters of zero-based numbering and logic, but this is ridiculous) and the master of Dark chakra. Guess what? He kicks their asses. But it was so ridiculously easy. Was Sasuke even required?

On the emotional level, it was like an atom bomb. I feel I can do anything, so I do it. And that's it. Big bang, no subtlety whatsoever. Not that Naruto is known for subtlety, but there are limits.

And on the animation... it all seemed so mechanical, unchiseled.

Bottom line: bad movie. Even worse since I waited so long for it. I can imagine a two episode mini arch in the series doing the same job, but better. It's not unwatchable, just disappointing. :(


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