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Ok, non IT post (rambling) about religion. Episode two from The World Sucks internationally renowned series.
Religion sucks! I mean, not only that they advertise a two thousand year old fairy tale, but they do it agressively, violently and with no taste whatsoever. And I am not even talking about stupid people blowing themselves up because some other guy told them a deity said so. I am talking about Christians. Yes, the religion of the one God who must use hidden adverts to get more followers to donate to churches all over the place, as I like to call it.

I was searching for online adventures, as my favourite game site has been down for a few days and I found this fairy tale made in flash, with things to uncover, hidden alphabets, complex storyline. I like this kind of games, so I started playing it. In no time I realized that the hidden messages were not useful in the game, but rather poetic allegories to something. Then, when I needed to fight the evil dragon, the only solution was to abandon all my weapons and face him, while a SHEPPERD was fighting the dragon and DYING FOR ME. Later I find that the shepperd has been a KING that death CANNOT HOLD. Guessed it yet? Yeees. Congratulations for winning this absurdity of a game, let the dragon consume you and join our idiotic church! The next game in the google search had a similar purpose.

Of course, this is just an example of why religion sucks, and one might argue that the moral values advertised by most religions are more important than a few zeleous spammers and their annoying actions. You might even have a point, and as there is no way to prove a god exists or not, there is no way to disprove its existence as well. Therefore I submit my point of view: the dragon is real, he takes care of us by bitting the head of dumbass religion freaks, hates spammers and burns any god to a crisp with his firey breath. What? You don't believe me? Do you have any proof that HE doesn't exist? I mean, there are a lot of freaks out there who lost their head over religion and I haven't seen any of your gods doing anything of value lately. And of course the dragon hates spammers, everyone does!

Religion sucks! It's my firm religious belief. And I have 65100 Google followers.


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