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Am I turning metal? I used to hate songs played by long haired guys barking aimlessly on a heavy and repeating guitar riff. But I really enjoy listening to Sonata Arctica. Maybe because they're Finnish? :) I am developing a taste for Finnish music, apparently.

Anyway, here is a live performance of the song Broken, which I like best so far. I did look for an official video on this song, but drowned in home made crap videos. I did find official videos for other songs, but the band seemed even less charismatic in those, trying to seem really upset and managing to look like a shampoo commercial.

Another song of theirs I like is Replica.



Said to myself, 'before me kills this tab, me browses elswere'. I ended up liking the music quite a bit, so I extracted the audio with Still amazed at how can those images be so distracting. :)


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