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It started brilliantly: a Stargate series off-shoot that takes place in a very distant galaxy on a ship that runs itself with a bunch of stranded humans on it. And Robert Carlyle plays the role of the grumpy scientist! The feel of the show moves away from green pastures and ridiculous Goa'uld with their Jaffa and their sticks and goes to a much darker place where human nature and politics define the game, not only blazing heroism and implausible luck.

And then... people wanted their fucking green pastures! The ratings were in the millions, but still not enough for the greedy networks who decided to cancel the show. To be honest, it is not only the fault of idiotic executives and imbecile TV viewers, but also of the show writers. But the number of solid episodes so outnumbers the number of faulty ones that the blame cannot in good faith be attributed to the people working on the show. The actors played well, the scripts were mostly interesting and consistent. There were no self referential or parody episodes at all and the humour was left to the situation, not the mandatory smart quote before springing into action.

Of course, the potential of the show was mostly wasted in the so many average episodes in which they found a stargate, dialed in, then proceeded with the almost the same ideas as in the other Stargate shows, but there was a major difference even then: people has their own agendas, they pondered on their role in all of this, not just acted like automatons playing the same part over and over.

So yes, I think this show could have benefited from the slowly rising tide of people that don't watch shows the first time they air, but much later, when they ask their friends "do you know any good sci-fi series?" and someone answers "Have you seen Stargate Universe? It's awesome!". But no. If random morons who wouldn't understand a stick if it didn't hit them with the end they expect don't like the show, it must be cancelled. I've heard people react to Universe with repulsion and even hate. "It is not in the spirit of the Stargate shows that I liked!", they said. Well, I am sorry to tell you, but that spirit is the spirit of Harry Potter, Tom and Jerry and Prince Charming: impossible situations with incredible solutions from people that cannot exist. The ever successful recipe of "heroic people with which you would identify [for no real reason] battle the odds and succeed every time. And they do it smiling!" it nothing but a fairy tale. You are watching bed time stories. And yes, I want my bed time stories as well, but not the three year old ones!

I dedicate this post to so many people that believed they thought they understood Stargate Universe and similar shows that got cancelled for no good reason: you are idiots!


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