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I've found this while randomly browsing the net, a substance that is supposed to be increasing memory and brain plasticity called ampakine. An article called it steroids for the brain and I borrowed that in the title, since I found it is appropriate enough.

Like all mind enhancing drugs it was discovered by accident, while working on a cure for Alzheimer. Why would anyone try to enhance one's brain on purpose, anyway? :-|

I am not much of a biochemist (even if I recently made some acquaintances that are :) and I could ask them to enlighten me) so I will just post a list of links that I found on the subject. It seems that there are no publicly available pills yet, as the drug is still in trials, but who knows... maybe we can become smarter rather than dumber for a change.

Here are the links:

A profile of the behavioral changes produced by
facilitation of AMPA-type glutamate receptors

'Memory pill' for the forgetful


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