Sometimes you need an information like the time taken for a web page to actually reach the client. It is different from the time it takes to create the rendered content as it includes some web server overhead and the actual network transfer. IIS doesn't know anything about your code, so you can't tell it to log everything you need. How do you synchronize the information in the IIS log with the one in your own logging system?

Use the Response.AppendToLog method that will add a custom string to the end of the IIS logged cs-uri-query field. That doesn't help you much, but since you can add any string you want, you can add a key that would help synchronize the two informations.

Quick example:
string key=Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
Response.AppendToLog(" key=["+key+"]");

Now you will only have to Regex the cs-uri-query field to find the key, then search the corresponding line in your own log. Simple! Sort of...


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