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If you have ever used code like:
try {
} catch {

you need to read this.

The same thing can be written as:
obj1=obj2 as TypeObj1;

In case the conversion doesn't work, the value of obj1 will be null.
Be careful when you do this with value types that don't allow null.

Also, implicit casting will not work. A code like:
int i=5;
string s=i as string;

will have s being null, not "5".

You also have to be careful about using the "is" word. Code like
if (ctrl is Table) {
Table tbl=(Table)ctrl;

actually casts ctrl twice!
a is b translates to (a as b)!=null.

So a nice piece of code would look like this:
Table tbl=ctrl as Table;
if (tbl!=null) {


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