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Third episode from the internationally acclaimed series World that Sucks.
Normally, the good hearted person that I am (yeah, right) would flinch at the idea that 6 million people were moved to special extermination camps and, well, exterminated. But when we talk the Jewish Holocaust, I just can't feel anything. They whined and continue to whine so much about this, that it lost all appeal. That they do almost the same thing with Palestinians is just the tip of the iceberg.
What offends me even more are the number of Hollywood movies and other types of popular shows that are shedding crocodile tears over this. OK, it happened. More atrocious things also happened. A lot more Russians died in the same war, does anybody cry for them? No, they were communists, fuck them! 50 million people died in the Spanish Flu pandemic. Do we hear of it anywhere else than on Discovery Channel? No.
I bet the whole Holocaust Hoax idea came from some guy that couldn't take it anymore. So much bullshit was thrown that it was impossible for any of that to be true.
So my conclusion is that the Holocaust sucks. Any mention of it, as a corollary of the Goodwin law, should end any conversation and disqualify the guy that used it (phew, good thing that this is a blog). And what is even scarier is that after a few years we'll start seeing movies about the Muslim Holocaust in Guantanamo. And if they follow the same pattern, we'll never stop seeing them. Man, that would really suck!


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