A lot of people are using Visual Studio Code to work with TypeScript and are getting annoyed by tslint warnings. TSLint is a piece of software that statically checks your code to find issues with how you wrote it. And at first one tries to fix the warnings, but since you already started on an existing project or template, there are a lot of warnings and you have work to do. Even worse, the warnings appear only when you open a file, so you think you're done until you start working in another area and you get red all over your project file. It's annoying! Therefore a lot of people just disable tslint.

But what if there was a way to check all the linting errors in your entire code? Even better, what if there were some magical way of fixing everything that can be fixed? Well, both of these exist. Assuming you have installed tslint globally (npm install tslint -g) you have these two commands to check and fix, respectively, all the errors in the current project:

tslint "src/**/*.ts?(x)" >lint_result
tslint "src/**/*.ts?(x)" --fix >fix_result

Note the src part, which tells tslint to look in the src folder and not in node_modules :-). If you prefer a more unsafe version that checks everything in the current directory, just replace src with a dot.

The fix option is only available from TSLint 4.0.


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