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Ok, I will make a quick list and description. The rest is up to you.
  • Stargate Atlantis - the spinoff series of Stargate SG1 has ended its 4Th season, but a 5Th is under way. I am watching it mechanically now, as the quality and originality of the show has decreased in time to the point of negative values

  • Battlestar Galactica - another sci-fi show, it reinvented completely the story of the old 70's BattleStar Galactica. It started great, but the third season ended in some weird pseudo spiritual mambo jumbo. Hopefully, the fourth season due in April will not suffer from the 'Lost' disease

  • Doctor Who - British sci fi, a bit goofy, but fun nonetheless. It is about an alien that travels space and time with his human female companions (nothing kinky though ;) )

  • Eureka - silly sci-fi show about an American town that is populated only with brilliant scientists. Very far fetched, but nice as a light comedy. I haven't been able to finish season 2 that finished airing. I think there will be a season 3 as well.

  • Regenesis - a bit hard to catalogue, this Canadian sci-fi depicts a multinational scientific group with no political associations trying to fight the medical national emergencies in the world. All kinds of diseases and wacky characters, but a bit failing in the field of science. Season 4 is ongoing.

  • Jericho - now this is a series that was almost cancelled, then brought back at popular demand. Twelve American cities have been blown to smithereens by carefully planted nukes. The US quickly destroyed Iran and North Korea, but it seems the actual perpetrators are American. A small town in the US has to fight off both corporate conspiracies, the newly formed American government and the bands of bandits and neighbouring towns that want what Jericho has: a fan base :).

  • Numb3rs - oh, what a waste. It started so beautifully as a mathematician applying math to help his FBI agent brother. By season 3 it got completely unscientific, season 4 lost math completely and turned into yet another cop show.

  • Lost - I am not watching this anymore, only my wife does. I stopped watching this crap after the first season. Meanwhile they use the same psychological system to carry on a story that makes no sense and that everybody watches for the sole purpose of seeing it end. Like a modern day 1001 Arabian nights played on the audience. The only worth watching part of Lost is the pilot episode, then you should continue the story in your own way.

  • Grey's Anatomy - medical/soap opera. My wife watches it. It started a bit interesting, but ended up crappy. Almost no medicine anymore, instead you see the personal issues of various medical staff people.

  • Private Practice - as if Grey's Anatomy was not enough, they made a spinoff out of it. I don't know if it will ever air again, though, with the writer strike and all.

  • Ugly Betty - it proved a commercial success in Latin America, so the TV corporations cloned it for the US market. A gayified version of the South American show, it is basically a women magazine made TV series.

  • Prison Break - interesting beginning. I recommend the first season, then it all got 'Lost', with psychological effect to keep the audience interested, an escalation of tension, a complete disaster of a plot.

  • House MD - this one lasted a bit longer before turning to shit. It is a medical show that depicts a wacky, but brilliant diagnostician trying to figure out what the disease and cure is before the sick expires. It has become repetitive and self-satirical, moving away from medicine and back on the ugly and not interesting ploy of human relationships, but then it got back on track. Still worth watching, although the quality is dropping and the story grows old.

  • Criminal Minds - TV cop show with a team of FBI agents trying to find criminals by using behavioural analysis. Interesting enough, although, as you can imagine, not very technical.

  • Sarah Connor Chronicles - [chuckle] Terminator is not a teenage girl. She protects John Connor and his mother from other Terminators that roam freely in the past, yet keep a low profile for some reason or another. It's not terrible.

  • South Park - delicious animated gross comedy, making fun of everything and everybody. They lost the way around season 10, when the authors seemed buried in scandals and full of rage, unable to make fun of things, starting to instead vent frustration in the show. I am happy to see they have recovered in season 11 and season 12 has just started.

  • Dexter - a serial killer hunts serial killers. This makes him good, somehow, but he is still a killer. Funny enough his cop father taught him how to hide from the police, his sister doesn't know and she is a cop, too, and a colleague of Dexter, who is a criminal forensic in the police department.

  • Big Love - this is like a family in distress kind of show, but this time the family is made of one husband, 3 wives and numerous children I've lost count of. Yes, they are Mormons and they must navigate the perils of hiding their religion and marital arrangements from the rest of the world, while managing to obey or wriggle around the organisational structure of the Mormons in their community. As much a fascinating subject as this is, the show is pretty ordinary. Tom Hanks is an executive producer.

That's about it.


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