It has been a pain in the ass for me to use the graphical designer in Visual Studio. Instead I have used writing the markup of web pages and controls using the keys. It went several times faster, but still, it lacked the speed of any text editor I have ever seen. Moving up, down, left, right with the keys would make the system lag, jerk, etc. It was never too annoying to investigate until today.

What happends is that whenever you work in a VS window, it sends events to just about everything on the screen. The more windows you have open, the more it lags. And the culprit for this particular problem: the Properties window. Every time I was moving with the keys it tried to update itself with the information of the object I was moving over. Closing the Properties window fixed it! \:D/



Thank you so much!!! I wish I could go back in time and tell myself this. I would get a year of my life spent waiting back.


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