I am only linking to this blog post that shows how to instantiate the converters directly in the binding, without having to define a resource just for that.

WPF Quick Tip: Converters as MarkupExtensions

Update: After careful deliberation I've reached the conclusion that instead of custom converters that would have to be instantiated in the binding XAML I can just create new binding types. Here is how you can do it:
  1. Inherit from Binding
  2. Implement IValueConverter
  3. Set Converter=this in the constructor
  4. Use the new binding where you see fit

Actually, I have created a more complex Binding object that chooses the type of conversion based on an enumeration or, alternatively, gets converters as content and pipes them one after the other for a more dynamic reuse of converter power. I am still not sure which of these two solution I will use more often, though.


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